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Do you think you have found a solution to an unmet need in your research or daily work, but don't know how to conceptualize it as a product? Schedule a consultation and talk with us.


Our in-house experts will work with you on your prepared concept to vet the areas of clinical needs that a potential innovation could address. We can help to determine key product attributes necessary to address the targeted needs, and help you take the next step. 

Business Meeting

Types of consults & what to expect

General Innovation Concepts & Questions: We will work with you to discuss viability, unmet need, innovation resources, and commercialization questions. 15-30mins.   

Product Conceptualization: We will work with you and your prepared concept to determine key product attributes and to vet the areas of clinical needs that a potential innovation could address. 30mins


Innovation Navigation Assistance: Which programs & offices within MGB would work best for my prepared concept? 15mins.


Pre-Proposal Consultations: Focusing on an achievable set of tasks and potential outcomes and how that might benefit the project as we advance. 15-30mins.


Expertise Referral:  This will most likely be our second time meeting, and we will use our network within the commercialization industry to assist you with your next step forward. 15 - 30mins.


Fast Pitch Events: Fast Pitch for Funding is a quarterly event that provides you the opportunity to pitch a team of experts on your research and receive immediate feedback. There is also the opportunity for assistance in applying for our grant programs which can provide up to $200,000 per project, business coaching, and project management. 10 minute pitch, 10 minutes of feedback.

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