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You have an idea, now what?

Written by Glenn Miller

You have dedicated a lifetime of study, spent long hours in the lab or at a patient’s bedside with that idea in the back of your mind. Your idea has been percolating through data, hypotheses, experience, and hope to finally come together on a solid foundation. Then it hits you; Now What? This is no longer just an idea, it should be turned into something tangible to benefit science and healthcare. How does this idea become a reality?  

At MassGeneral Brigham, you are in the right place, and the right time to transform your idea into that advance in science and healthcare you have been hoping for all this time. To help you move forward, various funding and investment programs are available, starting with small seed awards through major investments in new companies. A team of experienced business professionals is ready to protect your work and craft the agreements necessary to bring your idea to the world. 

Whether this is your first innovation experience or you are a serial entrepreneur, MGB Innovation has the skills and experience gained from thousands of patent filings, licenses, and forming new companies to help your work. Reach out to your Licensing Manager or to give your idea the reality it deserves. 


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